Four Tips for a Great Kitchen Design for Your New Home

28 March 2022

In most homes today, the kitchen is the major gathering place for the entire household. Aside from being the room where delicious meals, beverages and snack foods are prepared, the […]

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Homes Built by Michael Worth Projects: Making Dreams Come True with the Best Sustainable Options

09 March 2022

Home decor and interior design are emerging as trending areas of interest for homeowners, and new home buyers across the globe are looking for more sustainable solutions. The renovations or […]

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Four Important Elements in Energy-Efficient Home Design

24 February 2022 reports that Australian homeowners spend more than $9 billion a year on home renovations, most of which are energy-efficient upgrades. Therefore, one of the most notable features that new […]

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Sloping Site Disadvantages: Reasons Why Residential Builders Prefer Flat Sites

11 February 2022

Before carrying out the actual construction process, residential builders would ensure that all necessary checks and assessments to the project site are done first. One aspect of the project site […]

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Essential Elements of a Building Elevation Plan

27 January 2022

Assuming that you’re rebuilding your home, you may need an image of your new redesigning project. For instance, to change a room of your school-age youngster to an office for […]

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